‘Thanks heaps from me for the last 13 days ! They will be ones that will never be forgotten. You have been an awesome Guide.

I thank you for the gorgeous mountain experience you have passed on! I thank you for everything you have shown me – its been awesome !’

Astra Hurley Swiss 2012


 ‘Your guide was an excellent partner & climbing guide to enable us to summit Nayakanga Langtang with CAN despite the intense cold . He prepared equipment and informed staff well at all stages of our expedition.’

Paul Taylor UK November 2009


April Chulu West 2010

‘Amongst many other occasions of having employed Nare as a NMA guide, in 2010 we employed him as the climbing guide for an expedition to the Manang District of Nepal and an ascent of Chulu West, which included ex-pupils from Purano Duwar of the Shree Jaya Devi secondary school who were also employed as trainee porters and glaciology researchers.  On the expedition he proved himself once again as an extremely trusted climbing partner, guide, mentor to these 4 young people and a hard-working employee. He showed an enthusiastic willingness to work professionally at all times. We were particularly impressed with his abilities in mentoring the young people from this small school where we ourselves had taught voluntarily.

Nare exhibits a strong attachment to the landscapes and people of Nepal.  This is shown by his great commitment to working in the mountains as a guide, and to the charity project he has set up to create a child day-care centre in his home village.

We trust that he will make all clients, expeditioners and trekkers as welcome as he made us in Nepal.  As a teacher and fellow outdoor instructor, I would have no hesitation in recommending Nare.  He has been a welcome guest during training for the Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team for which I am a member. In my capacity as a Duke of Edinburgh Awards co-ordinator, I am sure that many of our participants have been keen to learn more of his stories and experiences during expeditions and treks, told directly by a resident of the Himalayan range. I would look forward to climbing with him again on any mountain range, an environment that Nare is always excited to visit.

Nare has undoubtedly enriched his own knowledge and experience of the UK culture and language during his visits and we shall undoubtedly continue to develop the strong links that we have forged with him in the past.’

Paul Taylor and Rachel Johnston  UK 2010


‘You made it possible for us to get to Everest Base Camp!

Sincere thanks’ 

Anne & Angela UK 2011


Annapurna Trek

‘We four Vets trekking in the foothills for a taster of 7 days with gratitude to you for getting such an experience in such a short time. Thank you.’

Clare UK 2012


 ‘Whether bird watching or wild life or those spectacular mountains views 

– all seen with joy 

we saw it all because of the route you planned and being guided by you.’

 Janet & Amanda UK Spring 2011


I first met Nare several years ago through a mutual friend in the UK. He impressed me with his knowledge and the professional way he answered my questions but it was the ready smile and the mischievous grin that told me Nare would be a fun person to trek with.

I was badly injured in a mountaineering accident some years ago and as a result have very poor balance. For me, any return to the Himalayas was going to be challenging and I didn’t expect to achieve much. But in 2010 I took the plunge and booked Nare for a trek. What I got from Nare was an extraordinary dedication to my well being and enjoyment.  Once on the trail Nare never let my arm go which might have been seen by me as condescending, but it was done with a such a sense of compassion and loyalty that I  cried at the end.  Nare & his team quite literally saved my life once by pulling me away  as I slipped over the edge of a 50 mt cliff. I remember one day tripping over many times. I only hit the ground once as they caught me all the time.

As a solo trekker I was introduced to his friends along the trail and I felt privileged to see part of the life of ordinary Nepalis.

Nare and his team made it possible for me to trek in the Annapurna range and I am eternally grateful for their help & support. I couldn’t have done it without Nare.

I returned in 2012 to trek with Nare again. This time I was in better shape and Nare was able to let my arm go some of the time. Again I would not have been there if it wasn’t for Nare and his team.

To repay their kindness I’ve volunteered to try to find new trekkers from the UK for Nepal Professional Mountain Guides and prospective clients can speak to me about routes, times, how to’s, etc. I’ll do my best to help.

Steve Climpson UK,  February  2013

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