This all sounds complex but it is simply put as ‘we supply our labour & you pay the expenses’. This system is fair in that you know exactly what your daily costs are and can splash out or economise as you see fit. You pay Nare Magar directly in his hand and he pays any other guides and the porters. They pay their own accommodation and food.

What we supply.

Guiding and generally looking after you before, during and after a trek.
Collection from the airport and then we take you to your hotel and at the end we will take you back to the airport.
We will book your hotel and, as far as we can, book lodges ahead for you.
We will get all the paperwork together for you to fill in and accompany you to the relevant government offices and handle the permit application for you. Sometimes you need to be present, sometimes not. It changes all the time.
Organise all transport.
We will supply the porters and pay them.

We supply a one guide per group of up to three people. Larger groups will also have an second guide or an assistant guide. There will be one porter for every two trekkers who will carry up to the legal limit of 30kg. So it is 15kg per trekker. It is possible to take whatever you want by paying extra for more porters.

What is not included in our charges.

International travel.
Your insurance.
Nepal visa. You must apply and pay for a visa before leaving the UK. You can get a visa on entry to Nepal but that takes time at the immigration desk and you will be tired after your flight.
Before trek you have to pay for any permits required. Depending on which trek you go on, this is about $60USD, which you pay directly to the government.
You will have to pay $40 rescue registration. This speeds up the approval of the payment to the helicopter rescue in the unlikely event of one being needed. This is not the UK – no matter how ill you are the helicopter simply will not take off without being paid.
Hire of any personal equipment eg: down jackets.
You pay for all transport in Nepal for you and your guides and porters. Don’t worry, ground transport is quite cheap. Please ask for details.
You pay for all your own accommodation, food and personal items in Nepal, ie. you pay the hotel / lodge and food bills direct.
Please note: If the trek involves camping then we will supply tents and basic sleeping mats, hot food and drink for the duration of the camping days. These extra costs are dependent of the exact route and how many extra staff are needed.

Administration days in Kathmandu are charged at half rate as is one day after the trek. Full charges start when you leave Kathmandu and stop on your return. On trek half days are charged at full day rate as are rest days.

Why do we operate this way? It’s simple – you see exactly where your money is spent.

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